We can conduct a tax review of your business and determine the most efficient tax structure or plan for tax savings. We have thus been able to save our ‘new' clients substantially more than the 'cost of our fees' and this tax planning service is ‘free' to all our clients. Thru our consultancy we have also successfully claimed CIS refunds, close to £500,000 in R&D tax credits and other such income/corporate tax refunds for our clients. Further our fees are also very competitive and thus clients have benefitted from a very good cost to benefit ratio.


  • (Associate Tax Consultant Mr. Peter Petrou)
  • Tax planning & investigations for;
  • PAYE, VAT, Personal Income & Corporation Tax,
  • All types of income/corporate tax refunds
  • Research & development tax claims and refunds
  • Employee & Benefit in Kind,
  • Property &Investments






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1000 Great West Road
info@accountsandfinance.com Tel: 0203 6575655 / 07412 530607



The Institute of Certified Practising Accountants


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